Quanten develops QSAR and QSPR prediction models for scientific research and development of new chemical substances from the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and pesticide industries. Our studies comply with the guidelines of ECHA, and are adapted to each regulatory agency. In addition to complying with the 5 principles of the OECD, our studies are used for the registration of pesticides in Latin America, as well as for the determination of the risk of pharmaceutical impurities according to the ICH guidelines.


Skin Sensitisation

Water Solubility

Partition Coefficient n-octanol/water

Growth Inhibition study on algae

Persistence: Biotic degradation in air

Skin Irritation  (based on in vivo)

Acute Inhalation Toxicity

Assessment of Toxicokinetic Behaviour: Blood-brain barrier partition / Human Serum Albumin Binding

Adsorption/Desorption Screening

Sub-chronic Toxicity study (90 day) repeated dose toxicity oral

Persistence - Abiotic degradation in air

Acute Toxicity to Birds

Eye irritation (based on in vivo)

Mutagenicity - In vitro study in Mammalian Cells

Prenatal developmental toxicity study

Daphnia magna reproduction test

Acute Toxicity Test  - Fish

Toxicity to Activated Sludge

Skin Sensitisation

In vitro Gene Mutation study in Bacteria

Acute Toxicity -  Oral

Acute toxicity for Daphnia Magna

Fish Early-Life Stage toxicity test

Persistence: biotic degradation in water

Persistence: biotic degradation in soil

Persistence: biotic degradation in sediment

Bioaccumulation in Aquatic Species (BAF and BCF)

Short-term Toxicity to Invertebrates (Honey Bee)

Chronic Toxicity LOAEL